Q and A

What type of knots are they?

All wigs are single knot. They are extremely small and the most undetectable realistic type of knotting available. 

Are the knots bleached?

Some wigs have lightly bleached knots, and others it is not necessary to bleach. Each listing with provide a more in depth description. 

What type of hair is it?

All wigs are high grade European or Chinese hair. Each listing will provide all details. 

Do they come in different cap sizes?

Yes. Sizes range from Small to Large. Each listing will have its specific size. Help on how to measure your head can be found in the Sizing section of the site. 

Do you offer custom colors or orders?

At this time we are not offering custom order or color requests

Does the lace come pre-cut?

No, the cap will arrive with extra lace around the hairline. Cutting with sharp scissors (eyebrow scissors for example) is recommended. Leave at least 1" to start, you can always go back in and cut more. Save any extra lace for possible future repairs. You can request that the lace arrives cut, but it will render it a final sale. 

Do you offer repair or refresh services?

Yes, we service any wigs we sell. No outside wigs, so sorry. If it is in need of a color refresh or professional cleanse and deep condition please reach out via chat or email and we are happy to set up your service. 

Do you offer consultations?

If you are needing help deciding on a unit, color or measurements. Please feel free to reach out to request a virtual consultation. 

What products do you recommend?

Any salon professional brand is recommended that is branded as color safe. Joico is the favorite in studio. A good shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray and heat protectant will help prolong its life. 

How often should I wash my wig?

Once a month is ideal. However, depending on use it may need to be washed more frequently. Air drying on a wig stand (not a block) is ideal for longevity.